Knowledge systems should improve companies, not hold them back

Catalynk helps companies get the most from their knowledge through workshops, training and consultation.

Catalynk will help you integrate employee knowledge and intuitive tech to help you solve problems faster, develop employee capabilities and maximize efficiencies.

Solve problems faster

Teams creating knowledge for reuse ensures faster resolutions - reducing costs - even when demand increases.

Improve Quality Of Life For Your Employees

When goals make sense and we understand the 'why', creativity flows. Everyone knows the value of their contribution.

Improve Productivity

Teams gain experience through knowledge sharing and productivity increases naturally. Customers get answers faster, easier.

Transform your workflow with KCS

Solve Cases Faster

50 - 60% improved time to resolution
30 - 50% increase in first contact resolution


Optimize Use of Resources

70% improved time to proficiency
20 - 35% improved employee retention
20 - 40% improvement in employee satisfaction

Build Company Learning

Provide actionable information to product development about customer issues
10% issue reduction due to root cause removal

Enable Web Success

Improve customer success and use of self-service
Up to 50% case deflection

How we can help


Catalynk offers workshops to address strategy, leadership, structure and collaboration when building knowledge systems.


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KCS Certification

Catalynk works one on one or with teams to train them in Knowledge Centred Service (KCS) and Intelligent Swarming.

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Catalynk can provide dedicated KCS trainer to work alongside a company to develop knowledge systems based in KCS and Intelligent Swarming.

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  • I am very happy with what we have achieved so far and have more to learn. Our AskUs portal has knowledge shared by several departments.
    Mareen Watts – Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
  • The v6 Practices course was absolutely brilliant. It all makes perfect sense to me. Sharing knowledge reduces repeat work and improves customer self-service. We have more time to use our problem solving skills and use knowledge insights to improve products and services.
    Monica Barkman – University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

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